Welcome to the eircom net maintaining your website page

Technical Information

Dear Customer,

Contained on this page is a short list of instructions on how to access and maintain your new website.

General Information.

  • The URL for your new website is http://www.bcrc.ie/
  • The primary document for your site should be index.html, if this file does not exist the website will be unavailable.

To Upload New Content

  • FTP to www.bcrc.ie
  • Your FTP username is bcrc (you should have already received your password from us).
  • Place new content in the 'docs' directory. For example, if you create mypage.html, it will be accessible on the web using the URL: http://www.bcrc.ie/mypage.html.
  • In the 'stats' directory you will find weekly statistics for your web site, which are updated every Monday.
  • In the 'cgi-bin' directory you can store CGI scripts, but please note that for security reasons, they can only be enabled by our staff. Please contact us when you have them uploaded. E-mail: cgirequest@eircom.net

    NOTE: Scripts should be named with the following convention: 'website-scriptname.ext'     e.g. domain-formmail.pl where domain is from www.domain.com and formmail.pl is the name of the uploaded script.

  • The 'bin' directory is for system use only and cannot be modified by customers.
  • You can delete and overwrite files contained in any of these directories except 'bin'.
Things to Note
  • If you are behind a firewall you will not be able to use passive FTP mode, speak to your firewall administrator about this.
  • You should print out this page for future reference, and delete it from the docs directory in your ftp account.
Useful Links Many thanks,

eircom net operations